IntelliPatent Help

This document provides the instruction for preparing input files, and steps to run IntelliPatent. Several requirements must be satisfied to obtain desirable results from IntelliPatent.

  1. IntelliPatent Overview
  2. Required file for IntelliPatent
  3. Running IntelliPatent
    1. Example file of IntelliPatent
  4. Results of IntelliPatent

IntelliPatent Overview

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IntelliPatent server automatically extracts the general structure scaffold and generates the composition patent claims for your input analogs. The patent claims will be extended by adding commonly seen R-groups from US top 30 selling drugs in the past for R substituents. The suggested claims can be used in patent claim design as templates to save human labor and avoid the writer-dependent coverage of chemical compounds.


Required files for IntelliPatent

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IntelliPatent only accepts SDF file format. In order to extract the information of scaffold and variable substructures called R-groups, the input file should contain at least two compounds. Complicated R-groups which are not included in our library will not be treated. Please make sure that all input compounds have a common core structure.

Here is an example SDF file containing four chemical structures.


Running IntelliPatent

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After you get the SDF file ready, the PgpRules will be right executing after you click the button "Submit". The execution time mainly depends on the size of the screening SDF file due to internet connection upload speed.


Results of IntelliPatent

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When PgpRules finished the prediction process, a result page will be iisplayed as follows:

result pages

The resulting claims are available in MS Word format (docx). The contents of the ouput file will also be shown below the output link. The output of IntelliPatent contain text descriptions and a chemical diagram of Markush structures. The first sentence is commonly seen in pharmaceutical composition patents. After that is the output Markush structures including chemical diagram and texts defining the variable R-groups.